Campaign - Photo shoots and Video

Post Production, Corporate Identity, Pakaging

Virsa at one time was struggling to stand out in a crowded and rapidly evolving marketplace. They approached Streamline to build a brand strategy, and give a new brand identity that would strengthen their positioning. We helped crafting the brand Virsa to reposition itself to gain an edge over their competitors, and helped Virsa create a meaningful value.

Virsa needed a brand stategy that was as innovative and fresh as their products, they chose Stream design Cafe to create their collateral designs, Campaign strategy Brand photography, packaging, email designs, digital marketing, and social campaigns.

We reviewed everything from their logo to print collateral and social media accounts — how they connect with people around, we looked at the product offering, audience, the competitive landscape, strengths and weaknesses. As part of our evaluation, we spent time researching their key competitors and recording critical observations about the potential implications of the branding efforts. After reviewing the current brand presence and contrasting it with their ompetition, our team highlighted primary challenges and strategise the world class print Campaign in beautiful city of Paris.