Brand Naming, Logo Design, Corporate Identity

Opening the window for growth with a new name for a Denim brand and competitive positioning.


Campaign- Photo Shoots, Videos

Advertising Campaign shoot and videos

Streamline has worked holistically across the development of the brand to create an identity. Opening the window for growth with a new name and competitive positioning. Creating a game-changing brand to redefine an entire category.

With full enthusiasm and youth fullness, The YTC group in its new venture needed a new name, a brand positioning. We helped them answer the following questions:

a. What should our brand stand for?

b. How can we create a new name for ourselves that also becomes a powerful B2B and B2C marketing tool?

c. How can our product portfolio be redefined to reflect the reputation we want to earn?

d. How can we identify the most valuable target market and reach them most effectively and efficiently?

e. How do we design a strategically smart, yet creative visual identity?

f. How can our voice bring our brand to life and what messages will resonate best with our different audiences?

Our brand-building process begins with positioning. Brand positioning is the process of understanding how your brand fits into the ecosystem of competitors, stakeholders, and customers. It is the act of creating a brand that occupies a unique and different space in the market, while still communicating the inherent benefits of the product or service. Positioning is essential to the process of creating a brand imbued with purpose and built to last and grow.

Reggycaldo was born. With a stunning lifestyle photo shoot and video campaign, shot in beautiful city of Cape Town we set the refined image for the brand’s launch with perfect positioning in ever growing denim market.