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Campaign- Photo Shoot, Videos

Every brand has a story to tell, and this new brand is waiting to be told. We crafted a new language for the this upcoming designer wear brand that relates their story and defines their unique and premium collection.

The strategy is to create something new and unique, reflecting the brand’s masterpiece designer wear wedding collection for women.

Where tradition meets contemporary, the story of The Mauve Story begins.

In fact this story is just as fascinating as the story of the discovery of mauve colour by the eighteen year old English chemist Sir William Henry Perkin in 1856. Before that only blue, red and black ruled.

But while Perkin was on a scientific voyage, the creators of Mauve Story were on a creative trip. Perkin’s discovery was accidental; he was looking for quinine to treat malaria but stumbled upon the rich, beautiful mauve colour that revolutionized the fabrics industry.

We wanted to create something Mesmerizing, spellbinding and soothingly, achingly beautiful, to reflect each of the Mauve Story creations.