Campaigns, Photo shoots, Designs

Our goal has always been to provide innovative, future-proofed solutions for online and offline retailers, and to provide stable and innovative branding solutions for businesses to grow and thrive.



Packaging, Branding

For Gipsy we knew, they would need something simple and sleek that was evocative of modern day free spirited women.


Our Association with Gipsy Started with a simple approach of consistent and uniform branding of a brand in an extremely vertical manner.


To Strategize and Produce effective advertising campaigns.

To create a powerful campaign strategy to ensure a timely and powerful launch.

To Ideate and produce a brand book not only for packaging purposes but also to extend to the site and all external marketing efforts.


Launching any product in today’s noisy marketplace is a feat in itself. Gipsy presented the specific challenge of entering the crowded women clothing market with established competition. After diving into quantitative and qualitative competitive data, the Strategy team was able to produce messaging and positioning for prospective audiences to complement their unique selling propositions.

Based on established target audiences and Advertising and branding hierarchy, a full pre- and post-launch go-to-market strategy was developed. This strategy included a full channelization implementation for each step of the branding funnel to ensure diverse-yet-consistent touch points across the retail journey.

Branding & Packaging

Another challenge for the Gipsy was creating a unique and memorable packaging experience that combined simple design and a fresh take on a brands image. A pop of color, and consistent branded elements lend to a great creative output in the form of various adapations in the packaging for Gipsy in various forms.