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Bombay Selections wanted to do a full rebrand – with a new logo, and an entirely new brand identity. We knew as hi fashion bridal wear retailer they would need something sleek, feminine and very classy.


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Bombay Selections is a women’s ethnic wear brand focused on making your bridal and party wear wardrobe better.

CHALLENGE: Take on the Bombay Selections establishment, a well-known brand trusted by families for generations. We believe that it’s not about the amount of resources you have: It’s about how you use them. At the time, Bombay Selection thought of a change in their branding, and identity.

And comes the challenge of changing branding to new look and new shape. And to make the brand stand out from the competitors. Also to simplify a complicated brand structure that talks to different consumer segments. And to play up the brand’s rich heritage of premium formal bridal collection.

STRATEGY AND PROCESS: We Strategize a road map for the brand and capture it in a all new look and shape — We worked strategically with Bombay Selections team to write and create a new Branding look. And we developed a well-balanced new branding that can be implemented in all forms.

Our team of designers worked closely with the brands founders to develop equally balanced branding and Advertising campaigns to boost the overall premium image of the brand to next level. It also served as a brand introduction for a new look, new customers, new vendors and new partners.

We defined the Authentic Bombay Selections Bridal Collection as the key icon to drive sales through a myriad combination of Advertising campaigns through various publications like Harpers Bazaar, Vogue Wedding, Bride Today, Cosmopolitan and not to miss extensive and clever outdoor advertising in the form of Banners and Billboards.  The Authentic Original also served as the key icon for heritage communications.

The New Bombay Selections presentation was highly tempting which consumers could spot from the new brand identity. The brand moved from packaging to a website that highlighted the functional benefits of the products in an emotionally rewarding way.

RESULTS: After the relaunch,  Bombay Selections became one of the top brand in the women’s bridal and ethnic fashion retail industry in northern India. The brand is available in over 10+ exclusive retail outlets spread over in Norther India states of Delhi/ NCR and Punjab.

What’s more, their success has allowed Bombay Selections to expand into other categories, including Designer wear ethnic wedding solutions for which they started another retail chain by the name Shyne and Kasrr.