Branding, Campaign - Shoots, Videos, Designing

Effective Campaign Strategy to improve Brand positioning, digital presence, develop a clear visual identity, reach new markets, and achieve record sales.


Corporate Identity, Post Production

A Structured Approach to Brand Strategy and Building a Great Brand.

A clear identity is absolutely essential for every brand. It’s impossible to consistently connect with consumers and grow a business without defining your promise, values, and presentation. How can your organization construct this foundation for success? We believe that great brands are built on a single idea.

Our Association started with Appeal way back in 1995, we have grown and evolved together. We have always kept a structured approach, to establish Brands strengths, pinpoint the needs of their audiences, determine what sets them apart from their competitors, and identify what makes the brand exceptional.

From there, we’ve built an entire brand structure, including an overarching narrative and architecture, as well as specific voice and design. Our process is well defined and collaborative. Together, we’ve created a unique and compelling brand platform that resonates with consumers and positioned Appeal for long-term growth.

Even the best branding is meaningless if it isn’t implemented well. As a full-service marketing and advertising agency, we with our resources, and experience activated Appeal brand across all formats and media, including traditional newspapers and Magazines along with digital & social.

We created a tailored plan to enhance and grow Appeal’s brand.

Branding and Campaign strategy: We Used the strategic platform to establish creative territories and set the stage for exploration.

We Presented distinct design options for their visual identity, including core brand assets and potential applications. We planned a strong visual campaign showcasing the Men and Women collection, defining the range of complete wardrobe essential from top to toe which Appeal store can offer. With sharp and distinctive campaign the message was loud and clear.

We examined Appeal’s current strengths and weaknesses and pinpoint what differentiates their  offerings.