As in other disciplines, having a breakthrough means having a new or sudden advance in knowledge or technique breaking through a defensive obstruction. That is what Brand Power is all about–inventing new approaches and taking innovative strides to change the strategies and tactics of making the brand and the brand promise: Going beyond the customer’s expectations to deliver differences.

More than ever, retailers need to use Break Through Branding to create believable and desirable differences between their brands and their competition. The brand’s unique value propositions, attributes, benefits and satisfactions need to be communicated so that they are fully understood by the customer. Our model for Break Through Branding is a “DISCUS” which the retailer has to throw farther than his competitors:

Information / Interest

In the new competitive retailing arena, here’s how the DISCUS needs to be thrown: Difference is the primary necessity, but even that is not enough. The differentiation in store, product, shopping experience and services must communicate information and arouse interest to the customer that are relevant to their own management of lifestyle and self-image. The customer must see evidence of the brand’s commitment to earning her loyalty, based on her understanding of the brand’s performance and the brand’s understanding of her.

The second “S” in DISCUS is saved for last because it has to be a value perception that lasts beyond the initial purchase. A brand might break through the communication clutter with one-time sales promotions, bonuses or rewards, but Brand Power should be earned through a consistent program of providing customers with genuine value, service and satisfaction over the long term.

Here are retailers who have thrown the “brandiscus” for a competitive breakthrough:

• realized that competing in the big footwear retail market could be difficult if we didn’t bring some new meaning to the branding.’s “the pair you wear” concept strategy becomes a breakthrough in differentiation, as well as internal branding that refreshed everything inside and outside their stores.


• Delco’s opening new online store along with existing offline stores was challenged with
how do we announce this opening and get attention of people and visitors who may be more information-advantaged amid already well established offline stores Its breakthrough was to move to most user friendly eCommerce platform shopify with features of a world class online footwears store. All integrations and customizations were done keeping in mind the well balance UX & UI designs to give best of user experience.


• Strategizing a road map for the brand and capture it in a Brand Book — worked strategically with Venus Steps to write and create a Brand Book and used that as a way to invigorate and re-focus the existing branding. Worked day and night to develop a well-balanced new branding that can be implemented in all forms small or big, we developed a HI fashion branding style which can be accepted globally and can be placed or implemented in all forms be it on front signage or on the product, Our team of designers worked closely with the brands founders to develop equally balanced product with balanced branding on each and every product. It also served as a brand introduction for a new look Venus Steps with, new vendors and new partners.

Visit has worked holistically across the development of the brand to create an identity. Opening the window for growth with a new name and competitive positioning. Creating a game-changing brand to redefine an entire category.

With full enthusiasm and youth fullness, The YTC group in its new venture needed a new name, a brand positioning. • help them answer the following questions:

a. What should our brand stand for?
b. How can we create a new name for ourselves that also becomes a powerful B2B and B2C marketing tool?
c. How can our product portfolio be redefined to reflect the reputation we want to earn?
d. How can we identify the most valuable target market and reach them most effectively and efficiently?
e. How do we design a strategically smart, yet creative visual identity?
f. How can our voice bring our brand to life and what messages will resonate best with our different audiences?


These are retailers who are determined that their brands should break through the retail brand clutter with differences that their target customer segments can perceive. Today’s retail formats are indeed a blur. The question of who is in what business is no longer easily answered. What can’t you buy in a super Walmart? The DISCUS breakthrough model recognizes the emotional appeal of attributes and benefits as a benchmark for Brand Power. More than ever, consumers choose a brand for emotional reasons that are strictly individual. A brand builds powers by appealing to these emotions through an understanding of how to personalize relationships. And by promoting a two-way communication system, by providing “Original Retail Experiences” (O.R.E), by being conscious of lifestyle and time saving needs, and by generating trust through long-run commitments to customized service.

Break Through Branding strategies can and should consider how to add to the rational attributes of a brand, a whole new set of emotional benefits that increase the power of the brand’s personality